Spring Tune – Up Special 

Check return air chases, ducts & filters
Inspect accessible duct-work for air leaks

Check the Blower Wheel.
Check the Drain lines.
Check the Outdoor Condenser Coil.
Visually Check for Refrigerant Leaks.
Check Thermostat and Test Operation.
Check Metering Device if Accessible.
Check Return Air Temperature.
Check Supply Air Temperature.
Test the Amperage of Compressor.
Check Contactor and Relay.
Check Compressor & Fan Motor Current.
Measure Suction Pressure.
Measure Discharge Pressure.
Check Refrigerant Charge.
Rinse the Condenser Coil with water hose pressure.
Check Temperature drop across evaporator coil.
Check Disconnect Box, Wire Sizes & Tighten Connections.
Check Operation of Service Valves.
Test and Measure Capacitor & Start Component.

Residential & Light  Commercial
If reliability and best functioning is your concern, worry no more as Mirtron provides the best Air Conditioning and Heating services in the Houston market. Not only we are offering the best of brands like Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, Ruude, Train and Armstrong but also the best installation services. We unlike other installation providers go a step ahead to ensure that the desires and expectations of the customers are fulfilled. Our team of technicians masters the art to do it aptly such that it gives long term benefits and reliability.Initiated in 1997, Mirtron is a venture which has developed in leaps and bounds. We at Mirtron believe in the theory of continuous improvement and hence work for it. Satisfaction of our customers and fulfilling their desires in the most appropriate manner is the ultimate credo of Mirtron.
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New Construction & Remodeling
Similarly be it a new construction or a simple remodeling of your home or business setting, all you need to do is get connected with the best Air Conditioning and Heating service providers of the Houston area which is definitely the mirtron. mirtron specifically deals and provides solution to the clients who either want installation for their new construction or modeling endeavors. Not only we provide the best reliable solutions but also our system of operations makes the whole procedure smooth, effective and efficient. We at mirtron are available to all your concerns and services. Be it an after sale query or an initial one, you never need to hesitate to contact us as we understand how let alone a day but even an hour spent would be without proper cooling and heating systems functioning properly. The open door policy of mirtron is what makes it such a lucrative option for our clients to choose us over others as everyone enjoys and values reliability and better management policies.
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Air Conditioning
One of the challenges that the world faces today is that of an increase in the level of heat. The over burden of the population and the advancement in science has led to many disadvantages of which the global warming is one major issue. Relying and living without air conditioners or artificial environmental management machines is just next to impossible. Realizing the ever rising need of a pertinent solution to the abrupt weather condtions. Mirtron offers the most reliable and quality based air conditioning and heating facilities. The authorized dealers of Lennox and Armstrong mirtron offer the facilities of the best companies in business that have an international presence and hold a strong name. Carrier, Goodman, RUUD, TRANE are few well known names in the line. These companies are considered the best in line providing the most cost efficient air conditioning solutions. Be it the hottest season or the day of the year these conditioning services shall never disappoint you with their functioning and operations. We promise to deliver you your choice of the air conditioner which ensures an environment as fresh as it gets!
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A cold and chill is one of the reasons which restrict mobility and activity in the season. However a good and reliable heating system is what shall offer the best solution to the cold shivers and freezing showers. A comfortable warm environment builds up the coziness of your home and builds up the productivity of your business setting. mirtron for that matter offers the best and most reliable heating solution with the help of the most experienced and crafted human resource who not only have complete command over their skill but can even engineer the whole process single handedly. Hence be it any area in Houston, we mirtron is just a call away. Once connected bid farewell to all your heating concerns and simply enjoy and value the services we have to offer.
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Air Cleaners
Bid farewell to all your allergies, air pollutants and other toxic elements in the air causing you the unwanted diseases. With the technology of air cleaners, air could be purified ensuring safe and a healthy environment for you to breathe and live in.The recent innovations have offered air cleaners which fight the pathogens in the environment including bacteria, viruses and molds. Considering your domestic or official needs and calculating space installation requirements our experts shall offer you the smartest solution for air purification. We at mirtron take pride in associated with the top of the line businesses providing top of the class quality to the entire Houston market.
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Mirtron as usual catering to all levels of comfort and ease offers the service of dehumidification to ensure an environment which is conducive for all functional purposes. The benefits of dehimidifer are immense of which temperature and humidity control are obvious. The dehumidifier assures that there are no mildew problems and offer good indoor air quality. The dehumidifier keeps the air inside safe and free from allergic elements and pollutants. Furthermore there are no ozone emissions which reduce any sort of lung diseases which these ozone emissions are said to cause.
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Zone System
You now do not need to feel any frustration of feeling the difference of temperature in different parts of your house or office. All you need to do is get a zoning system installed of the most reliable of the companies to ensure an amicable comfortable environment in all parts of your house. Be it heating or cooling, zoning allows you to have a balanced healthy life style which you and your family deserve. By working your zoning needs with mirtron, we assure you a long lasting relationship with comfort and purity.
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Duct Work
The statistics show that around 44% of the energy is being utilized in the US for heating and air conditioning. Duct work is important in maintain the cooling or heating environment of your work or home space. Previously ducts had a lot of drawback and deficiencies however today improved versions serve the true purpose of ducts intended. mirtron offer the most successful duct system which offers the most needed cost efficiency. By ensuring a leak free duct mirtron caters to the need of a fool proof duct system. So be it your duct works that you require to get done, our services are available for you at your doorstep covering all areas of Houston.
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Sell, Service, Repair & Maintenance
The whole cycle of the business is simple. Starting with the sale of our services which is the inevitable of all the procedures for which we offer the cooling and heating professional systems. We at mirtron offer the best equipment and install them with great mastery. However quality service and after sales policy is the driving core competency of mirtron. However mirtron doesn't reserve itself to sale and service only, we provide guarantees and hence repair and maintenance are the key factors which we tend to. We have separate complete departments at mirtron who take care of the repair and maintenance of the customer equipments or installation problems.
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From keeping you cooled to keeping you warm - we offer a full range of both air conditioning & heating installations, repairs & maintenance!

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