Quick Tips for AC Maintenance

Once they have an AC unit installed, most people never touch them again until something needs fixing. While air conditioning units will keep working no matter how poorly-maintained they are, there are some maintenance fixes that help them run more efficiently and provide you with better air quality. Here you go:

Clean the air filters

It is a good practice to clean the air filters of your air conditioning unit once per month and change them whenever they look frazzled. Okay, you’re bound to skip the cleaning/changing step every now and then, but know that the dirtier the filters are, the lower the quality of the air entering your room.

Clear the drainage

Over the winter, debris may have collected in the drainage hole close to the outside unit of your air conditioner. Use a stick or wire to clear out the debris before the drainage gets blocked. Also ensure that there are no grass, leaves and tree branches close to the unit; these will become debris in the coming days.

Check the insulation around the ducts

When AC ducts are placed in crawl spaces and attics, they are bound to get hot. When they get too hot, your AC has to work harder to get cool. Check the insulation around the ducts and replace weak insulation with batt or rigid foam.

If any of the maintenance fixes above seems like too much work, you can get an AC technician to do them for you. In addition to changing your air filters and re-insulating the ducts, they will be able to run deeper diagnostics and ensure that your AC is working to full capacity.

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