How to Know When Your Heating Unit Needs Repair

Once your house is no longer getting warm, you have your first sign that your heating unit needs repair. In some cases, however, the unit may be faulty, yet remain functional. As a result, it is important to recognize some other indications that your heater may require the attention of a technician.

  1. Electricity bill is getting higher
  2. If your electricity bill is getting considerably higher and you didn’t add any new/heavy equipment, your heater should be one of your first suspects. Pay attention to it for some hours; if it is running all the time, there’s a problem. It means that it is no longer as efficient as before and it needs to run more to keep your house warm. Get a technician to service the unit and run some checks.

  1. The heating system is getting noisier
  2. When the unit starts to make more noise than usual, it requires repair. Listen for scraping or metallic sounds; if present, the blower wheel may have disconnected from the shaft or fallen out of balance. It could also be that the motor has broken off from its housing. Shut the unit off immediately to prevent further damage.

  1. There is uneven heating
  2. If a part of your house is warm but some other parts are cold (or not as warm), your heating unit is faulty. This may be caused by a blockage in the ductwork or by clogged filters.

If your heating unit is exhibiting any of the signs above, reach out to an expert as quickly as you can. If your home, office, or place of business is in Katy or Cypress, Houston, Mirtron AC and Heating is your best bet. Call us at 281-859-5757 to request for an appointment today.

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