Clogged air filter

A clean air filter of your AC helps you breathe fresh air. However, dust and debris at your home accumulates in the filter and clogs it. The clogged air filter reduces airflow due to which you would experience hot and cold spots. The air filter has to work harder when it is blocked.

Effect of the clogged air filter

A clogged air filter needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. If the air filter remains clogged and the cooling units keep working, it would have an adverse effect. The following are the effects of clogged air filter:

  1. Excessive energy consumption: When the filter becomes clogged, the fan of the heating and cooling systems work harder. The harder the systems work, the more energy these will consume.
  2. Poor temperature: the air passes through the air filter and then enters your room. The clogged air filter does not let the air pass smoothly. Therefore, you would experience hot and cold spots at different places in your home and would not feel satisfied.
  3. Unhealthy air: The air filters of the cooling units cleans the air by filtering dust and debris out. However, a clogged air filter will bring the polluted air again in the room, which would be harmful to people allergic to dust.
  4. Frozen coils: Evaporator coils remove hot air from the room and make it cold. A clogged filter would cause evaporator coils to work more and eventually freeze. A frozen evaporator coil would not remove hot air from the room and would lead to system failure.

Regular maintenance of the air filter would save you from spending a lot on the repair of your cooling system and protect the AC from failure. However, if your cooling system needs any attention, call Mirtron A/C and heating, LLC, on 281-859-5757.

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