A Window Unit AC VS A Central Air Conditioning System

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit, you have a lot of options to
choose from. Two of the most prominent are window units and a central AC system.
Both are good options, but the optimal AC for you depends on your particular needs.
Whether you get a window unit or a central system should depend on the following:

Do you own your apartment?

If you own your apartment, a central system is a better option for you. They last
longer than window units, and the cost of installation is not a concern since the
apartment is yours forever (or until you decide to sell). Should you decide to sell, a
central AC system increases the value of your home.
If you live in a rented apartment, then a window unit is your best option. It costs less
than the central system and it’s cheaper to install.

How many rooms do you want to cool?

If you want to cool just one or two rooms, then a window unit may be your ideal
choice; since they only cool the rooms that they are installed in. To cool an entire
house, a central AC system is the way to go.
Please note that some central AC systems have an option that allows you to keep
different rooms at different temperatures.

Short-term or Long-term fix?

As mentioned above, central AC systems are more expensive to buy and to install.
Therefore, it seems fairly obvious that they are not ideal for people looking for a
short-term solution.


Before you decide on which air conditioning unit to buy, consider the factors above.
It will also be wise to consult a licensed HVAC installation and servicing expert for a
professional opinion.
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