5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioners are complex systems with lots of components. If your AC unit stops working, it is likely that one of the following is the problem:

  1. Broken compressor
  2. This is one of the most important components in an AC unit. If the compressor doesn’t have enough refrigerant for its operation, it runs hot and eventually breaks down. If the refrigerant is too much, the compressor also fails.

  3. Refrigerant leakage
  4. If you notice that your air conditioner is no longer cooling as well as before and that your electrical bill is getting higher, it may be time to have an AC technician check for leaks.

  5. Burnt capacitors
  6. High voltage, high temperature, and overuse are the main reasons that capacitors burn. When this happens, there’s no alternative than to replace the faulty capacitor.

  7. Clogged filters
  8. When dust collects in the air filter of an AC unit, it reduces air flow and causes the unit to freeze. Clean out your filter every 3 months, or whenever it appears clogged.

  9. Blown fuses
  10. If your AC suddenly stops working, it is likely that the fuse or the breaker blew itself to prevent your unit from getting overheated. Get a technician to replace it for you.

If your air conditioning unit is faulty, do not open it yourself and try to fix it; you are likelier to spoil something else than fix the problem. Get the input of an AC technician and save yourself the trouble.

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